Precision Bucket

Precision Buckets are designed for greater control of the emptying of material from the bucket. The long bottom part of the bucket creates friction that slows the emptying and that gives the operator much more precision. There are two versions offered; straight bucket with parallel side gables and a conical bucket that has a narrower front for even greater precision. Both version benefit from Ålö’s notorious conical bucket back for a clean and complete emptying of material.

A Front Loaders version available with Euro or SMS hooks has a depth of 2 meters which greater suits capacity for most front end without overloading the capacity.

A wheel loader version is available with Big BM hooks with a depth of 2.5 meters and has much higher capacity to maximise the capability of larger wheel loaders. 


Precision Bucket 200PC 200PS 250PC 250PS
Width 54 cm 116 cm 87 cm 116 cm
Depth 209 cm 209 cm 269 cm 269 cm
Height 71 cm 71 cm 93 cm 93 cm
Capacity (struck) 0.71 m³ 0.87 m³ 1.40 m³ 1.55 m³
Weight 271 kg 302 kg 566 kg 577 mm

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