All our buckets are conical and are therefore easy to fill, as the material does not need to be pressed into the bucket. The conical, “hopper-shaped” design also allows rapid and complete emptying of the bucket. No matter what your needs are or what demands you stipulate, you will be able to find your new bucket in our range.

Precision bucket_webb_220x146px.jpg

Precision Bucket

Always full control, capacity and efficiency.


Snow Clearing Bucket

Maximising the effectiveness of your snow clearance with agricultural tractors.

11252168_svart cylinder_webb_220x146.jpg

Multi Purpose Bucket

Well thought-out, reliable multi-purpose bucket.
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Series H

Our popular soil bucket.


Series HT

Soil bucket with teeth. Same design as series H.


Series HD

Our extremely strong contracting bucket.


Series HDV

Our most robustly designed high volume buckets.


Series HV

A strong material and snow bucket


Series L

Light bucket, but yet highly productive.


Series LV

High Performance Light Volume bucket.

High Tip Bucket_NEW_220x146px.jpg

High Tip Bucket

Reaching a new level of performance.


Grading Bucket

Increases the unloading height.
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Implement hooks for various loaders

Trima has long been able to offer alternative toolcarriers that are suitable for several hook types (Euro, SMS, Farmhand etc.). This increases your options, as you can use both new and old implements.

We can also provide a selection of adapters for other hook systems.



With a simple movement, the implement hydraulics is coupled, easily and without any problems, even when the system is pressurised.



Euro implement hooks (Ø 40 mm) are the most widely used hook type. As a result, owners of many different loader makes can also benefit from our large implement range.



SMS (Svensk Maskin Standard) These implement hooks (Ø 60 mm) are primarily adapted for Trima’s front loaders. If a Quicke loader is equipped with a Combi implement subframe Euro/SMS, it can work with both Euro and SMS implements.


Quicke Type 3

These implement hooks (Ø 25 mm) have only been used on older Ålö loaders (up to 1992) with the Quicke type 3 toolcarrier. If a new Quicke loader is equipped with a Combi implement subframe Euro/Type 3, it can work with both Euro implements and with the older type 3 implements.

Some implements will also fit loaders with the large and the small implement carrier from BM.

Support and Service

Wherever you are in the world, Trima is always at hand with service and support thanks to our worldwide reseller network.

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With Trima original parts you can always be sure of receiving spare parts which have been thoroughly tested and at optimum quality – Trima original quality.

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