This implement is equiped with MultidocMultibenne™

If you have a diet feeder that is to be loaded with various feeds, Multibenne is the best choice. The wishes and requirements to which we have paid particular attention are that:

It should be perfectly suited for its purpose – namely silage handling. The side ends are therefore tapered so that they can be inserted into the silage more easily. When the implement is tipped backwards, the high ends come into play, so that loose material is not lost. A relatively short base makes it easier to fill the entire bucket, all the way in to the back. The centre of gravity thereby moves closer to the tractor, and when unloading into high-sided vehicles, the bucket tip does not protrude as far into the vehicle. The closed bottom and the close tine location results in reduced spillage. With the closed bucket bottom, you can always completely gather up the material.

Multibenne, which is designed according to the same principles as Silograb, can handle many different types of fodder, as well as manure. As a result, it is not necessary to switch between implements when feeding.

Multibenne 130 150 170 190 210 230 250
Weight 280 kg 304 kg 360 kg 386 kg 423 kg 447 kg 477 kg
Width 130 cm 150 cm 170 cm 190 cm 210 cm 230 cm 250 cm
Volume 0.66 m³ 0.76 m³ 0.86 m³ 0.96 m³ 1.07 m³ 1.17 m³ 1.27 m³
Depth 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm 80 cm
Number of tines in the fork 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

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