Series HV

The series is aimed at users who require a large volume. The generous volume measurements are achieved by designing the bucket deeper and taller. All models have double profiles in the bottom as well as along the implement hooks. There is consequently extra strength where the stresses are greatest.

Series HD 200HDV 220HV 240HV 260HV
Volume (heaped) 1.16 m³ 1.28 m³ 1.70 m³ 1.85 m³
Width 200 cm 220 cm 240 cm 260 cm
Depth 104 cm 104 cm 109 cm 109 cm
Height 85 cm 85 cm 98 cm 98 cm
Cutting edge WxT 150/16 mm 150/16 mm 200/20 mm 200/20 mm
Weight 273 kg 294 kg 415 kg 443 kg

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