This implement is equiped with MultidocSilocut® SG

The new Silocut features welded tine sleeves, bolt on knifes, conus 3 tines and upgrades that improves serviceability.

Thanks to the hardened cutting knifes on the front edge and sides of the Silocut, it leaves a clean cut surface in the silage. Angled side knifes cut against the side plates to ensure the material is cut towards the rear of the Silocut, preventing tearing and create a clean side cut. By having a clean cut, it prevents the admission of air and generation of heat, critical for feed quality, while consuming less silage by reducing waste. Manageable cut blocks can be transported in compressed form, reducing handling time.

Silocut 175 SG, is a new model at 1.75 m width with 2 cylinders at 524 kg, light enough for users wanting more volume in the 60-100 hp range of machinery. This fits in a new width range of 1.25 m – 2.25 m, with 25 cm increments between each model. Larger 3 cylinder models at 2 m and 2.25 m have hooks are available for BM / JCB wheel loaders as well as Front Loaders.

SILOCUT 125 SG  150 SG  175 SG  200 SG  225 SG 
Weight 436 kg 478 kg 524 kg 669 kg 710 kg
Max block volume 0.8 m³ 0.95 m³ 1.1 m³ 1.25 m³ 1.4 m³
Max pressure 210 BAR 210 BAR 210 BAR 250 BAR 250 BAR
Max opening 77 cm 77 cm 77 cm 77 cm 77 cm
No. of cylinders 2 2 2 3 3
Cylinder sizes 90/40 100/50 100/50 100/50 (x2)
90/40 (x1)
Working width 125 cm 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm 225 cm
Total width 135 cm 160 cm 185 cm 210 cm 235 cm

A working pressure of at least 160 bar is recommended for maximum performance.

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